Sunday, October 19, 2008

Maiden Voyage

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Robert Glasper - Maiden Voyage (ft. Bilal)

Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage

Have you ever felt like you've always had the answer to every question or situation that has come up in your life?  most likely not (and thats a good thing).  Though something weird happened to me this morning; I woke up listening to the highway by my house and it seemed as if every question I ever had in the past 3 years was answered.  It was a little weird finding this epiphany as it bounced back in forth between the wheels of tractor trailers, but at the same time it was entirely affirming.  Those wheels that moved the trucks I heard were leading them to destinations that were already mapped out.  I had thought to myself "how many times have those wheels turned just to get to their destination?", and then I had thought about where my own footsteps had been leading me for the past few years.  When I think about it, sometimes It feels like I've been running on a hamster wheel while trying my best to avoid disappointments. 

Whatever disappointment I came to in the last few years was entirely my fault.  Although at the same time I couldn't have gotten to where I am at the moment if I didn't evaluate my missteps.  Sometimes your just moving too fast and don't realize how many times you've been walking in circles until you lift your head up and pay attention to the street signs.  As I sat in my bed I thought about those tires running around and around, living a life of meditation sailing over asphalt. At that moment I got  up and closed my windows because those tires where meditating a little too hard, and my room was starting to smell like I left a jar of rubber cement open.  I had lingered by my window for a little bit and watched the cars go back and forth, forth and back.  They had this rhythm that reminded of when someone is first learning how to talk, or play an instrument. That rhythm where you  hear the potential of  what lies in the future but still find yourself grounded in the development of the present.  It was then when I heard my answers hitchhiking beneath these vehicles riding where no one could see them.  I've had them all along I just had to realize it.

In terms of Music, I've been very productive as of late.  I find that as long as your remain a student of life, your craft will flourish and often surprise you unexpectedly.  I've began to work on a new project that is still in the preliminary stages; I've been working with a few skeletons and rough drafts and everything is coming along at the right pace.  This is somewhat of a departure from the last mixtape I put out (Speak Like A Child).  A portion of the compositions that I'm working on are being done from scratch (without samples).  I have a few things that i'm also committed to outside of music at the moment, but everything seems to be falling right into place.

"this day promises to be this day" - Saul Williams

Life belongs to the the living.....

Bis dann,
Lateef Dameer

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